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A Family Conglomerate:
Williams Transport Company,
Roadrunner Express,
and Williams Sand Company

In 1977, Tony and Cheryle Williams founded the Williams Transport Company. Hard work and a high level of customer satisfaction quickly earned the pair an excellent reputation in the trucking industry. In 1982, the company purchased a mining operation, allowing them to manufacture sand and gravel internally, marking the birth of the Williams Sand Company. As the years progressed, it was determined there was a significant need for the handling and transportation of hazardous materials. So the Williams family decided to expand yet again, creating Roadrunner Express Inc in 1989.

Operating on 13 acres in our privately owned 12,000 square foot headquarters facility, the Williams Transportation Group is capable of handling any transportation, response, mitigation, excavation, or disposal need. Unmatched experience and training allow the Group to offer the best selection of services. Plus, since the company owns and operates their own equipment, the job is completed faster, safer, and more professionally than anyone else.

For more information on the Williams Transportation Group, contact us today.